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A Tragedy in Connecticut: We Are In This Together

We at Behavioral Health Integration Consulting are devastated by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Our hearts go out to the families, friends, coworkers of the innocent lives that were senselessly lost. There is no solace, no answers for the innumerable questions. We honor the memories of the heroes who died so that others could live.

All across the US…and across the world…mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, grieve for the loss of the children they have never met. We share in your grief. Collectively we mourn…because we all recognize that this could easily have been our children, our friends, our coworkers lost. The atrocities happened to all of us. We are in this together.

We want to share Mahatma Gandhi’s “Prayer for Peace” as a small offering of condolence:

Prayer for Peace - Mahatma Gandhi

In addition, we pledge to work diligently with healthcare providers across the country to make behavioral health services more accessible for people in need. In lieu of funding limitations and ongoing cuts to state behavioral health services, the logical solution is to promote the integration of behavioral health and primary care services. Via healthcare reform and healthcare policy, we shall succeed in our mission.

Blessings to all of you from all of us at Behavioral Health Integration Consulting.


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